Get £5 from Barclaycard for a 4 min call

As I have a Barclaycard credit card, they send me letters every now and again to make a new free balance transfer for another year. This time I called them and the conversation went like this:

Staff: "I believe you are calling about your balance transfer offer?"

Me: "yes, is this balance transfer offer for the same credit limit I already have or will I get a bigger credit limit?"

Staff: "it's for the one you already have"

Me: "oh ok, in that case can you please stop all marketing coming to me"

Staff: "yeah, that's fine"

20 secs late

Staff: "I have stopped all marketing coming to you and because you did not get the answer you were expecting, I have put £5 into your account."




Moved to MISC.

Where's that phone....

Cost of the call: £?.

Now if this only worked with Sky, Virgin, BT and a host of other marketing mail!

I called Barclaycard about my account and their automated system was just awful and didn't understand a single word I said, moaned about it and they gave me a tenner


Gonna try it later. Worth a try for five or ten poundaroos.


I asked the guy to stop all marketing but didn't get any money though.
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