Get 7 coffees for the price of 5 @mcdonalds app

Posted 6th Feb
So to get 7 coffees for the price of 5 you need to do the following….uk

Download the mcdonalds app via your phones app store.
Purchase 5 coffees using the app. (don't need to be in one single transaction)

On the cups you get a promo card and a sticker Collect all the stickers you get on them. The promo card means after 6 coffees you get one free.

After your 5 coffee using the app you get one free using the app. Order this.

You would have had 6 coffees at this point and got 6 stickers from the cups.

Use your promo card that is full of promo stickers to collect another free coffee.

You will now have another sticker from that coffee.

Start the process again and after 6 more times of getting 7 coffees for the price of 5 you will have another free coffee with a full promo card from the cup.

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or buy the stickers from auction sites or market place and get 30 odd drinks for the price of 2
Just dig up some dirt put it in a cup & just add water.
I had the unfortunate luck to buy their cappucino a few weeks ago on an incredibly chilly night (walking home) the coffee was awful - tasteless, no body, lacking in flavour. Save your money.
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