Get a few extra quid from Gamestation on trade-ins!

When trading some games in, goto GAME first and ask how much they'll offer you for your games. Ask for a receipt to prove it and then go along to Gamestation. They will beat GAME's offer by £1 for the whole lot.
Tell the person behind the counter at gamestation you're quite happy to bring in each game separately to get an extra £1 per game and they will do you £1 extra per game just to save themselves hassle.
I did this today, GAME offered me £44 and Gamestation offered to beat it at £45. I only had 3 games but said I'd bring them in separately to get a extra couple of quid. They then said they'd just do it for me and gave me a credit note for £47 to save themselves the hassle of doing each game separately.

It's not really a deal, just a good tip when trading in games!!


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By the way, Gamestation initially offered me £40, so I bumped them up another £7!!

Good tip :thumbsup:

They will also price match against cex ]http//ww…uk/which you can get prices of the internet, but only if there is an actual store within a few miles. (just saves having to go to the cex store as well)

Very good tip, although you would think that with Game now owning Gamestation after Blockbusters sold the retail chain off they would both have identical pricing, although I guess its nice to see that the takeover has not rid Gamestation of its own identity.

I myself have on several occassions taken printouts of CEX exchange prices and where appropriate got Gamestation to up the exchange price beating CEX by a quid.

Not sure this should be posted as a deal though, more appropriate in miscellaneous section.. It is quite clearly printed on receipts and marked up in store that Gamestation won't be beat on trade in prices.

Be aware they don't have to do this though. I tried to trade in Hot Wheels for the 360 the other day at gamestation, CEX were offering £14 so I asked at Gamestation and they said £5! Told them about CEX and they said no way, they sell it at £12 and if the price match is more than what their system says they sell it for then they won't do it and don't have to do it and pointed out that the price promise says "subject to terms and conditions" on it.

im pretty sure blockbuster does the same


As this is a tip, I'm moving it to misc

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I know it's advertised that they price match, I was just pointing out that if you take games in separately rather than altogether you will get more money!!!

The Gamestation promise is that they will neat a trade in offer by £1 on each individual item!

Just went to the Edinburgh Princes St store and bumped them up from £37 to £65 in store credit for 8 games with a printout from the CeX website (there is a CeX store very close by). After they had gone to check the prices there was no problem. I just realised I only deserved £64 too because one of the games was not beaten in price!

Definitely going to help the wallet with Gears of War 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour!

The guy serving me was the manager, caused no fuss at all and automatically added the extra quid onto the CeX exchange price for each game. I know where I'll be shopping for my games in future with service like that.
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