"Get a grip ultra" Ice grips

    Hi all, my mum really wants some of these but QVC (where she saw them) don't have them in stock and you can only add yourself to a waiting list at the moment - obviously she wants them as fast as possible because of the current weather.…tml

    Does anyone know somewhere else we can get some, have googled lots and checked ebay etc - they go for £25 - £30 on ebay at the moment and she doesn't want to pay that much. Ideally we want to get them from somewhere in the UK so they will get here quickly but would do USA if the price is right. Would prefer these ones specifically but any ice grips that look and act the same would do. Looking to pay around £15 including delivery.

    Thanks if any one can help


    Clifford james website has ice treads for 4.99, there was a post for this somewhere previous (it may have been on another similar site!)

    She could try ]here
    or ]here
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