Get a job with QuidCo!

    QuidCo are advertising for a Sales and Marketing Manager & a Sales Support Executive.

    Sales and Marketing Manager - £25-36k PA!!!
    Sales Support Executive - £19-25k PA!!!

    QuidCo must make a hell of a lot of money to offer those salaries!

    Good luck to those that apply!


    Original Poster

    what do you reckon the % cashback will be on your salary?

    Not great salaries as the jobs are in London.

    I thought the quidco lot were in Sheffield?

    Yeah, I was gonna say that, London based... seems pretty normal? (Salary wise?)

    65k and ill do it!

    Not a great managers salary for anywhere in the country!

    guess its ok salary for a part time job

    they put manager to make it sound sexy

    I think he will struggle to get anybody good in London for that money. Well I was doing sale support for a large food retailer in Nottingham area and was on 23k plus car.
    Would be an interesting job that I would love to do but on that money in London its mad. Wonder how much of the work is in London.

    maybe polish or people who live with their parents
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