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Found 20th Mar 2012
Since betnow dissolved last year I've been looking for another way to redeem all the PAYG SIMs I have accumulated looking for my perfect phone.

I've just found…_2/

Which has a (c) 2011 notice indicating it seems to fit the bill and has become established. Just wanted to share and see if anyone else has used their service?
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Just found out on MSE that they charged a £5 yearly fee back in 2007.

Looking at the page I link above it seems they have relented on that:

+ You get 100% cashback from purchases made online
+ We pay via Paypal (up to £50 only) or BACS (any amount), minimum withdrawal of £5 applies to both paypal & BACS
+ Sign up is free
+ No Admin Fee
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You can also text donate to charity if you want to
Yeah, I saw that on, reminded me I could use the money myself too.
I have also been looking at ways of using the Credit accumulated over last year or two and saw this site a while back. The amount you get back is not fantastic (starting at £3.31 for a Virgin sim with £10.00 credit) therefore I have held off using them in the hope something else crops up.
Stuart, I think that is for £5 on your SIM. Or maybe Virgin are b*11*x. Just used £10 on Orange and now have:

Earnings Summary
Cashback Tracked £6.02

Which is appreciably more than I'd have got on eBay, and so far less hassle.
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