Found 19th Feb 2007
hi guys,
well as you all know i have a £145 GAME voucher and i have dcided bot to sell it and am going to buy a 360 with it.
Went to have a look at the deals in my local game today and this is what i found:
core-with fusin frnezy 2,viva pinyata and memory unit-£200
premium-with tombraider-£300

now i could buy a core next weekend but i cant afford a premium for about another month.

which would you do if you were in my situation?
i already have graw and prefect dark zero for 360 so i dont know what to do really

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I'd wait for the Premium...

Original Poster

yeah but the thing is the premium deals are rubbish lol

True, but in the long run, you'd end up shelling out more for extras after purchasing a core version (such as HDD, Wireless Controller).


Get the premium. First thing, you get a wireless controller,HD lead and of course the hard drive.When you add it all up, its a £100 you'll still have to spend in the long run. And for games, just take a look at ebay, games from £10, even the latest one's are going for £28 tops.

Wait for the Premium, you'll regret it if you don't. Besides.. in a month, they'll probably be reduced anyway so you'll be able to get a better deal.

(Oh, and make sure you get Call of Duty 3 too... best-live-game-ever)

Premium. Already there are games coming out which require that you have a hard drive - something that is lacking in the core version.
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