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    Couldn't see this posted and since I thought it might be of some use to people here I'm posting it.…asp ~ It tells you what to press to speak to a human straight away while avoiding all the press 'this, that and the other to get this X, Y & Z'. Its mainly an american site but does have UK listings which you can change the options.

    So just the heads up which might be useful to some1?


    they have feedback pages where people post when and how long they finally get a human response. at one look they seem to be US but there are a few UK ones.

    [*]T-mobile UK (UK) Press 0 at each of the first 3 prompts. 0845 4125000
    [*]Abbey (UK) Don't press anything, even when prompted. 0845 9724724
    [*]Alliance & Leicester (UK) Don't press anything. 0800 0688638
    [*]Alliance & Leicester (UK) After the first announcement, press 0# several times. 0870 9011001
    [*] (UK) Press 5. 0800 2796620
    [*]American Airlines (UK) After a brief message you are connected to an operator. 0845 7567567
    [*]American Express (UK) Press # at each prompt. 01273 576576
    [*]Amex Gold Card (UK) Don't press anything until given the option to speak to a representative. Then press 0. 01273 697272

    hehe interesting to note:
    White House Direct to human. 202-456-1414
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