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Posted 13th Mar 2023
Morning folks, i know some are aware about this free service LEGO® offer but likely others won't be. Thought it was worth a re-share and help those for any LEGO® pieces that have gone walkies, broken or maybe you've purchased a second hand set from eBay, Facebook marketplace, car boot etc and missing the odd brick.

Bascially if you've lost a part/brick or have a set arrive and missing a few bricks, then you can then pick up what you need free of charge. Just use it sensibly or LEGO® are likely to stop you orders going to your address.

How do i get my FREE LEGO® replacement parts?

1. First go here Lego Customer Service and it should land on the a page where you can select missing or broken bricks, you need may need to select your Country.

2. Once you've done that, you'll be either to search by set number, if you can't remember the set you can pop a in what you need and Lego will try and figure out what you need.


3. Once this has been entered, you can then select which parts/pieces you require.

4. Once done, checkout to basket (righthand side/confirm order) and you'll see the items you've picked, you can then enter your address and then complete checkout.


It may take a little while to arrive with you

Few other useful links (i hope)

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  1. isabela's avatar
    Had the wheels broken & piece missing couldn't find it thats really nice of you if it works
  2. TheeChunkyNuts's avatar
    It only seems to work on newer set. Retired products they don't cover because you should have reported it by then so they know you purchased it second hand. At least this is what happens to me
    InvolvedCross's avatar
    I've done it for 3 retired sets now, and it's worked for me all 3 times
  3. Russ2626's avatar
    Get any Lego set free one piece at a time
    TCH74's avatar
    Titanic here we come
  4. 316894's avatar
    @Dan_82 it should be noted that this service really isn't for use by people who have misplaced a piece or bought a second hand set. It's for new sets that come without a part.

    I only say this incase the service is abused and LEGO remove/restrict how easy it is to get your missing parts from new sets.
  5. jedisteel's avatar
    I had to use Lego missing pieces service twice for missing bits...they sent out the missing pieces in no time free.
  6. bozo007's avatar
    I saw an eBay listing today for the Razorcrest which said everything is unused but all mini figures have been removed. Who buys this?
    316894's avatar
    I couldn't comment on this set in particular, but I've bought many sets new/used without the minifig's as I couldn't care less about them.
    Each to their own I suppose.
  7. Amazing_Menace's avatar
    What is the limit of pieces you can request? Could never get this to work for what would be about £5 worth of missing pieces
    316894's avatar
    People should only be ordering 1 or 2 pieces max. I've never bought a new set with any more than that missing.
  8. Toneluck's avatar
    Brilliant, thankyou! My build had ground to a halt, now new parts on their way
  9. MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    Very handy, thank you so much for this, I was not aware of this service. Brilliant
's avatar
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