Get new customer sign up deals without creating a new email address

Posted 3rd Nov 2019
This works with hotmail and gmail but doesn't seem to work with yahoo (others please let me know).

When you see a "new customer's only" in the terms and conditions so have to create a whole new email account and it takes forever.. Don't.

You can add a + to your standard email address and the emails will still come to your usual email address without need to create a new account for email.

The + (plus what you add) must come just before the @

So suppose your current email address is you can change it to and you will still get the emails.

This will save creating a new mail address when creating a new customer account for a sign up offer.

You can use + and anything else, so for a new asos account you could use +asos1 and then +asos2 and so on..

This does not fool all vendors but does work for many and might save some time for you guys.
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