Get off the road people

    ive just passed my test!!! WOOOOO


    Well Done

    congrats Dean, locking myself in now lol :w00t:

    congrats now drive with care!

    Congratulations Dean, enjoy the freedom x

    well done

    What area and what time will you be driving about ?


    Well done and welcome to the world of endless expense

    congrats xx

    Well done, its a great feeling when you pass your test, enjoy it :-D

    Well done!!

    Failed 3 times me

    Congratulations :-D


    What area and what time will you be driving about ?Congratulations.

    :lol: was wondering the same thing :whistling:
    Congratuations dean :thumbsup:
    make sure your not out in school run times :lol:

    well done :-)

    Original Poster


    Well done!!Failed 3 times me

    this was my third attempt! passed!!


    Well done Dean.

    Enjoy driving a real car on the road. :thumbsup:

    Feels good dont it. I passed after my 3rd time last year.

    ile be taking my 5th soon lol xx

    Original Poster

    kerri_ ile be taking my 5th soon lol xx

    Superb :thumbsup:


    Congratulations mate! Stay safe!

    Congrats Dean, Good Luck with the Insurance...

    Congrats, 3rd time lucky

    I passed first time and then had an accident the following month, Only a minor one but still typical as you know what they say. Them who pass first time are more likely to have an accident with in their first year.

    congrats dean :thumbsup:

    Help me....


    well done :-)

    +1 :-D

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your comments

    Drove Dot to the MOT center hopefully she passes! then i can have her back to drive alll night longg haha
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