get rid of ferret odour

    i can't believe it but one of my boys friends brought round her ferret this morning, i had no idea it was here. unfortunately our terrier was out and grabbed the ferret, i managed to separate them with no damage to either animal thank goodness, but the ferret in fright has now stunk out our living room and dog.
    i've washed the dog to very little effect and febreezed the living room but it just stinks.
    has anyone any ideas how to make them both smell better?
    it could be a stinky christmas.


    ask your son's friend's parents how they get rid of the smell at their house ....
    hope you get it sorted :thumbsup:

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    thank you, i don't know why i didn't think of that. i'm just so stressy i 'm not thinking it through properly.

    my son s flatmates kept 3 ferrets in a cage....indoors! The stench was awful they have moved out now and we had to scrub all the walls and floors around the area where the cage was.....that was 3 weeks ago and I can still smell them

    ferrets rarely secrete the odour like that so the parents may have no idea what to do. you can buy special sprays to remove the odour but they're not very effective. its like skunk spray, the best remedy is time. try asking in your local pet shop


    try asking in your local pet shop

    good idea :thumbsup:

    Washing powder (lots of) mixed with hot water is supposed to be good at getting rid of strong odours!

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    Thanks everyone, the pet odour febreeze worked a little. the ordinary stuff had little effect. i think i'll have to try get a carpet cleaner.
    dog's still miserable, at least he's learnt a lesson.

    white vinegar and water

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    used some washing liquid on the dog and that has got rid of the smell.
    the dog looked so guilty when my husband came home, we could only laugh because we could tell he had a bad day.
    some good has come of this, my youngest son wanted a ferret, he now agrees its a bad idea.

    Set the house on fire.

    It should cover up the smell.

    when my dog used to roll in *****, i used to wash him and cover the area with tomato ketchup.

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    i was that mad i felt like torching it. bit extreme though.

    i just never knew the little blighters could smell so bad.
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