Get Rupert Lowe to save the saints..the plane with banner master plan!!

In the next few weeks, Saints Fans all around will get their chance to make their feelings known.
The Idea is that we can gain enough interest on here to give Rupert Lowe the clearest indication yet, that we do not want him near our Football Club.

There has been fast interest in a Plane flying over the Stadium, with a message from every fan sick of this Man ruining our beloved Club.

My Idea, should you wish to help, is to get the funds required to pay for this Banner to be seen by the whole Stadium. INCLUDING LOWE himself.

Some of you may be scared into believing that the match we do this for, Lowe will be missing from, however, there is going to be coverage on this, in the media and Tv cameras that are filming on the day, so Rupert Lowe will not be able to avoid this.

I have also suggested that should enough people join and want to help by donating some money, then if there is anything left over, I will try and get shirts to every member that donates, with the message ''Get Rupert Lowe Out''.

I hope you can help in some way to fund this plane to fly over the Stadium with the message :

''Rupert Lowe Out, Save Our Saints!''


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save our saints the plane and the banner plan

join this group on facebook to help and for more info on the master plan.

st helens aren't run by that fraud . .


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umm no its southampton football club


umm no its southampton football club

i kinda caught the football bit no southampton . . .

anyway, who they ?

im in and have sent on invites to some of my friends
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