Get the FREE alternative number to Premium Rate 0870/0845/0871/0844 etc.

Found 22nd Feb 2010
Still lots of people who have never heard of the useful site. Just type in the premium rate telephone numbers or company name and saynoto0870 converts it to a free or local rate number.

Save pounds each year.

A useful reminder!!
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Use it regularly, but always good to remind people of it I reckon...have some heat/rep
great thnx
Hadn't heard of this site yet: thanks very much!:thumbsup:
I got stopped from adding reputation, by the HUKD software, otherwise I would have been able to add some more. Heat added anyway.
Excellent thanks
yep new 2 me,so thanks.
You did better than me - I posted this a couple of days ago but promptly had it moved to Misc so I don't think many people saw it. Very good website - I use it loads. Hope more people see it here, it's definately a site people find useful.…d=1
Saved a fortune on this website its great good on ya for spreadin the word. I tell everyone to use it. Save those rip off charges! Heat from me!!
i tell all my customers about this site so helpful i have been using it for time it was actually on TV about a month ago grate site
ok looks cool - but whers the link to the site?

ok looks cool - but whers the link to the site?…php
What Is The Address Then
ok babba thx a lot...
How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Not everyone gets free 0800/0870 calls from mobile and/or landlines.
This site gives you the actual geographic phone number (eg 0208, 0121 etc) rather than the generic 0870/0800, thus allowing people to call using free minutes on their landline/mobile.

Simples :thumbsup:
There's also a free iPhone app called '0870' that does the same.
It Is Posible To Call From Skype?
iPhone app is possibly the best one I have. I have all 'normal' numbers now for every service provider I have, o2, npower, insurance, banks the lot. Very very good. This should be on the news or something, so many people not aware that these corporate giants are bleeding your pockets even more when they don't have to!!! They would get a lot more custom surely, heat added definately!!!
I use it very often.
Can't believe this gets moved - far better than the 'free knitting patterns' posts - surely a valid freebie?
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