Get your COD5 Beta key RIGHT NOW

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Found 11th Oct 2008
Thanks to Hello55060 for pointing this out..............

If you have preordered COD5 from, you should have got a code to sign upto the website. The Beta codes should be getting emailed out on Monday night, but if you want it early, sign into, then goto this link -…dit.

Your code should be waiting.

I'm downloading it as I type this (889.98 MB).............

Good Luck !


tried that earlier, what should I be seeing on that page?

Is there a ps3 Beta?

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You should go into your Account/Profile tab, and above where you can alter your Name etc, should be your Beta key.

My mates just tried & hasnt got his in there yet, so they might be updating them all as we speak.....

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Is there a ps3 Beta?

No, 360 & PC only

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Right, bit of info for you.......

Codes are not guaranteed if you preorder the game, they are very limited & dished out "from a hat".

You can search for UK on games (thank God for that !)
Most of the perks appear to be the same as COD4
Found a molitov cocktail (firebomb)
There are vehicle perks, so you must be able to drive vehicles

There are 65 levels in this one, and 10 prestige modes !!

Right, I'm off 2 play

Here is the instruction manual if you can download it ?…pdf

thanks downloading it now

Codes for everyone else will be available early next week on Eurogamer


awesome downloading now and rep rep for OP

got mine cheers, where do I put it in the 360? duhh

Works for me

I bookmarked this page

And it seems to be letting me get more theme codes, here's a ps3 one, first come first served MLRB-A3B3-4A4E


I bookmarked this page it … I bookmarked this page it seems to be letting me get more theme codes, here's a ps3 one, first come first served MLRB-A3B3-4A4E

No BETA for PS3 tho:oops:

hey, im registered on and looked on my profile and cant see the beta code. i also pre-ordered my copy on and i got no beta keys what so ever keep checkin my emails all the time and nothing. :(:( and i had the cod4 beta when that was released but still nothing.


Got the code so will give it a try when I get home from work. Thanks to OP.

And not thanks to the mods for deleting the thread I was viewing this on, and therefore the OP who I no-longer can identify to give rep.

So annoying. Exactly the reason I stopped using DVDForums bargain forum - mod stupidity.

i got a code but haven't pre-ordered. Got an email from, even though i only signed up less than a week ago.

Beta takes ages to download!
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