£15 worth of groceries for just 10p (Sheffield, New customers only & Account specific) @ Getir

Posted 3rd Nov 2021
Not sure about other cities might be worth a try! Quick sign up process! Add £15 worth of groceries to your basket, then select promotions and select the “£15 of groceries for just 10p!”Promotion.

1. Your total order must be £15.10 or more to receive a £15 discount.

2. To use this offer, tap ‘Select promotion’ at the checkout, and select it from the list. You can only use one offer per order.

3. You can also use this offer when your order is 10p or more. For every pound your total order increases above 10p, you will get a £1 discount (up to a limit of £15).
For example:
If you spend £3, you will get £2.90 off.
If you spend £10.10, you will get £10 off.
If you spend £15.10, you will get £15 off.
If you spend £25, you will get £15 off.

4. This promotion excludes alcohol, tobacco products, cigarettes, infant formula and medicines. Excluding alcohol, tobacco products, cigarettes, infant formula and medicines, the total order must be £10.10 or more.

5. We’re operating a Challenge 25 policy, therefore our courier will ask the person receiving age restricted products, including alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes to show their ID if they look under 25.

6. The offer is valid once per user from the same device and credit card.

7. This offer is just for you and your current location. (You can't give it to someone else, sadly. Think of it as a gift to yourself).

8. Once you've used this offer, you can redeem any other offer in your next order (we have lots to choose from, FYI).

9. There's no maximum order limit, unless you reach our volume limits.

10. Getir can change the conditions of this offer at any time.

11. Eligibility for the promotional offer is determined by Getir in its sole discretion. In order to prevent fraudulent activity and abuse of the promotional offer we may limit eligibility of the promotional offer. Any attempt to manipulate the promotion will render the order and use of that discount invalid and may potentially lead to that account being closed. Getir reserves the right, where necessary, to undertake all such reasonable action to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid promotional offer redemptions

12. Enjoy!
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