Getright Pro GRRR such an annoying piece of software

    It was great until recently for some reasons though still had some problems.

    As my current isp is bad(since landlord just stupidly got 1 tiscali line for 33 rooms!) the internet crawls during the day and is only good after 2 or 3am in morning

    So I started a download around 6pm last night of a 600 megabyte file and it had 10 minutes left and I accidently clicked on the file(I meant to click the one next to it) and it stopped the download!

    When I tried resuming it told me the file was complete

    So I have a file I cant use!

    Also if im downloading a file from a website and it disconnects for more than a few minutes then I get a similar problem it either tells me the files done and wont download any more, or deletes it and starts from beginning!

    Its getting beyond a joke now.


    33 users on a single consumer broadband line? Ouch. Me, I'd be making arrangements to get a broadband line for myself set up. It'd only cost an extra hour or so's wage a week to get something in the 20mbps+ range, so sucky though working a little more time would be, it'd be well worth it in overall time saved.

    Regarding the file, you could try tricking it into working. Find a torrent of the file, start the torrent downloading, and close your torrent app. Replace the partial 600mb file with your one, reload the torrent app. Run a hash check on the new torrent, and, if all goes well, it should find out what parts of the file you're missing and and pick them out of the network. It needs to be a totally identical file and the file name needs to match for it to work, but if you can trickthe app, it should work.

    Resuming a download requires support from the server and many don't support it, especially those that have anything more complicated than a simple link to start downloading.

    im sure firefox does this?
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