Getting £10 off without having to spend a penny at Argos

Found 3rd Dec 2008
This is my 1st post so please be kind :-)

About 2 weeks ago, I went to place an order on Argos for an XBox bundle on special offer. The offer, as I recall it , was 60Gb console, entertainment pack and 2 free games. I went to book it for home delivery, making use of the free delivery code, but when it placed the order (3 items), it informed me that the Console was no longer in stock, but had placed on order the other 2 items. I then received an email confirmtion that contained the code to use for £10 off.
So I tried the order again, with the exact same results - in the end I managed to get an order on for local store pick-up.
Last Friday, I used the 2 £10 off codes to purchase a toaster and low and behold it allowed me to use the £10 off codes - so got the £29.99 toaster for a cost to me, of £9.99

So, I do not know the best place to put this but am sure an Op will pick it up and place it correctly.

Seeing the £5 and £10 offer is still in place, you may want to try it yourself - no guarentees.
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did you not buy something from your original order? your post is quite confusing.
You're saying they emailed you not one, but two £10 discount codes without you placing an order?
you are the OP. lol.
I thought this might not come across in writing -

1. placed an order for 3 items - value £169 - order accepted but then told me one item not in stock, other 2 items were £0 costed and on the order confirmation - btw, they never dispatched them

2. did the same again, as in no. 1

Both attempts sent me order confirmation email and in that email was the code for £10 off, as per the £5/£10 deal - I then used these to place the order for the toaster.

Hope this makes it clearer.
So you would have to find an item that is likely not to be in stock? Or an I confusing myself here?
Correct and would suggest those items where availability would be low, i.e. consoles, etc.
try again see if it works and lt us know please

thats a great deal opp
In theory if this works it would be a great (loop hole) deal but you do run the risk of being charged for the product if its suddenly in stock, If it was to be exposed on a large scale like similar loop holes in the past Argos may find its ways of getting you to stump up money etc....Good post though, if this is confirmed as working deal you should re-post as a deal for all to view and you'll get some rep...heres some anyways
wii fit X 2 ??????????????????
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