Getting a 13yr old to Germany in June

    Here's a challenge for you travel gurus.

    My 13yr old son is going on a football team trip to Germany in the summer. He needs to get there under his own steam...on the Heidelberg (he can be picked up in Frankfurt or Kalsrhue airports).

    We live in Liverpool - so can fly out of Liverpool or Manc.

    Ryanair and Easyjet won't let him fly with them - he's too young to travel unaccompanied.

    Some of the group are flying out from Dublin on the morning of the 9th with Ryanair, so if it's cheaper for me to take him to Dublin in order to join them, then I can do that!!! His return journey is already booked.

    Complicated I know, but if any of you fancy a challenge, I'd be really grateful!


    My nice came over (from Czech rep.)4 years ago, she was juat 10 then. She came by British airways - had to pay extra for her escort. Can`t remember exactly, but it was upto £30.00 .You will need to sighn something when he goes off with the stuardes and the person picking him up has to sighn form and show proof of his ID. They stay with your kid all the way through so it`s very safe. A few quid more for your childs safety, worth a lifetime.

    AFAIK only British Airways will do unaccompanied minors. My sons flew back and forth from Germany to Edinburgh for boarding school for 3 years and I never had a single problem :-)


    I don't know if this will help, but about 2 years ago I flew from South Africa, and went via Frankfurt. There were unaccompanied children on our flight (both from SA to Franfurt and to Birmingham).
    I know they also did a Manchester to Franfurt connection at that time.
    They also possibly charge, but it may be that you can also price them with BA.....


    Try BA.COM £229.00 Man to Frankfurt return including all taxes

    If you can get him to London the prices are a lot cheaper ie less than £100 but 9th is a bad day to fly

    BA state: If you are between 12-18 years of age, travelling alone and require supervision at the airport and in-flight, this booking must not be made online. For more informationclick here.
    (I take this to mean its OK if you are 13 to travel alone.)

    Outbound BA1710 Manchester,United Kingdom Frankfurt,Germany Economy (Traveller) Fri 9 June 2006 ,14:15 Fri 9 June 2006 , 17:00
    Inbound BA1707 Frankfurt,Germany Manchester,United Kingdom Economy (Traveller) Tue 13 June 2006 ,11:00 Tue 13 June 2006 , 11:50
    There are other flights and times available

    Hope this helps
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