Getting a better price from Virgin

I rang up virgin now that my contract is about to end to take off some tv channels. They told me that removing the tv channels would actually cost me more than I was paying now.

I asked them why and they said that they are taking off my £11.50 discount at the end of 12 months as it was only an "introductory offer".

So without telling me they were going to increase my bill by £11.50 starting next month and I really can't afford that.

I tried saying to the woman that I'll likely cancel because of the price increase and she just went on telling me about how the service we receive from any other provider won't be as good because of the location.

I can't seem to get them to offer me a better price, because I don't want to say I'll cancel and then have it turn out that they actually do cancel me.


Well for a start complain about the recent changes of paying your bill, basically adding £2.50 for nothing, go onto sky website get yourself a quote and go back to them stating that you want them too look at your account! if they cant change the package get bits like the bill charges looked at, if you also dont pay by direct debit you are being charged get them to take that off, i have had many a time with them and always get my own way but you have to be firm with them

Call them in the mornign and tell them you are Peter Petrelli
but give your real name as a cover name

get about 48 to 51 discount

family member as just signed up with VM.

Phone, Line Rental + Calls

£49pm (6months)
£54pm (last 6 months)

Saves about £30 annually, but £30 is £30.

Could've saved more but SKY never offered the FREE BB so was quoted £17pm with them

What package do you have and how much do you pay?

I'm having the same sort of problem. Every month with my bill they put a leaflet in with cheaper prices so I phoned up and said I'd like the cheaper price and they say no its for new customers only. So why the hell do they put the offer leaflet in with my bill!

Original Poster

I have:

Sky Movies + Sky Sports
for £74 being increased to £85.50 next month.

They offered me £68 when I rang up and took off the movies, but I still don't know if that's a very good deal


I have:XL TVXL BBPhoneSky Movies + Sky Sportsfor £74 being increased to … I have:XL TVXL BBPhoneSky Movies + Sky Sportsfor £74 being increased to £85.50 next month.They offered me £68 when I rang up and took off the movies, but I still don't know if that's a very good deal

Well I pay £36 for L BB and phone. I dont pay for tv. But the leaflets they send me with my bill its only £27.

I have the following for £35 pm
M Broadband
Phone Line Rental & Talk Unlimited
XL TV inc Setanta

To get a good deal you HAVE to say you want to cancel - they will then transfer you to their retentions team who have far greater authority for deals. My next door neighbour just got the exact deal as me last week.

Remember if they do accept your cancellation request and dont offer you a deal (which wont happen). The cancellation doesnt go thru for 30 days and you can always call back and stop it. If you are feeling very brave you can just instruct the cancellation and they will call you just prior to it going thru - this will probably get you the best deal possible but is a higher risk strategy!! Good luck!!
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