getting a bit late, need some ideas for choosing a 7 year old boy's gifts for xmas. thanks for suggestions

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Do you know much about the boy? What he likes etc. I assume its not your boy - maybe some lego? How much you want to spend?

lego. a voucher so he can chose something himself after Xmas.

asking him might help X)

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indoor helicopter/drone, chemistry kit, railway set.

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or ask his parents. I find this site quite handy … or ask his parents. I find this site quite handy

I will check the site

These are excellent. I bought some for my son ( 6.5y )…25E and some sweets or similar.


And I bought this as well. It's fab... well it looks fab, I havent opened the box. Reviews are good.…8RE dont forget batteries!

Hope that helps.

Get him some Triops
Super cool, very easy to manage, me and my daughter managed 4 generations before we had to order more eggs.

Nerf guns, lego, marvel items.

Fairground Candy Grabber

Lazer Tag

The Russian roulette type Jelly Bean game is super popular with boys - Bean Boozled

If he's a friend or relative get a gun that shoots anything at high velocity! If he's your own then lego

My son is 7 and he is a pokemon fan. I got him cards, plushies and figures. He is also wanting a 3ds xl and pokemon games. Lego is great remote control cars, a scooter, ball, a tablet. It's hard to know really unless you know what he is interested in. Magic sets and spy gear is also a winnet

My son loved construction type things at that age - lego of course but mostly he loved the magnetic ones, like Geomag you can get a set for around £15.

Nerf gun - wins every time!!

Nerf or nothing, for sure.

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Thank you everyone, u have given me some ideas, yet to decide.
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