Getting a car key cut

Found 5th Sep 2008
Basically my friend pretty much laughed in my face when i said i wanted to go to the local key cutter to get a spare car key cut, he says i will have to go to the dealer and pay a fair bit to get it done. I always assumed any key cutter could do it?

Its an R reg Saxo and the key looks pretty basic to me so i cant see why i would need a dealer.

Anyone had experience? I dont wanna be laughed at by the bloke at the key cutting place too. lol.
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it is difficult if its a key for remote locking because they have a chip in them as i took mine to a local cutter and he nearly broke it trying to get the front off to change the battery but if its a basic key then yes you can go to a local key cutter. if its just a basic key they are quite cheap if you want one that has a chip you could be paying quite a lot even from a key cutter.
Yeah its just a basic key, no chip or anything. Cheers, i will wander down tommorow and see
i had an old motor took my spare key and they done while i waited £8 ta very much:thumbsup:, but check it right away coz car keys are more complicated. but if its a new car who knows:?. maybe just :roll:maybe i'll drive a new(ish) car one day
they have a machine to do it in our local asdas!! i think its about £6-8

i had my old saxo key cut no probs you should be fine!
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