getting a good deal with virgin

    hi, i want to take a tv package with virgin however i am already tied up with bt for telephone line for 18 months. they are offering £20 a month L tv package. and how do i avoid the setup fee of £35


    are u already with virgin if so u call disconneted teams

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    are u already with virgin if so u call disconneted teams

    nope im new 2 virgin

    There was a leaflet in the news of the world today wher you get a Free V+HD box installed and a phone line for £23 a month. call 0800 052 0588 or you can find details online at


    On the website it states

    Include a V+ HD box in this bundle
    £49 one-off payment, no extra monthly fee

    But on the leaflet it states free V+HD normally £49

    Ignore the previous posts!!

    I have just phoned Virgin on the above number and they leaflet is a con.
    It reads " Amazing TV & Calls for £23 a Month"
    when you take a Virgin phone line for £11.99 a month

    The total cost a month is £34.99 a month and not the £23 as per the bold big letters on the leaflet.

    thats virgin for ya!


    i too want a good deal with a virgin


    That's standard sky don't include line rental in their amazing cheaper than virgin flyers either

    Only chance you will have for getting a good deal with Virgin is with the line rental. You are unlikely to get any discounts just taking the TV cause they won't be making much off you.
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