Getting a new fridge freezer delivered - advice on old one please

Posted 5th May 2009
We are getting a new fridge freezer delivered and I have ticked the box to get the old one taken away and recycled. Does anyone know if I have to de-frost it first (not certain what to do with the contents if we do?). Also I seem to remember from when we moved house that you have to leave your fridge unpluged for a while after it is delivered to let "the gases settle" ???? Does anyone know for how long? Just worried about what we do with all the stuff we have at the moment.
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defrost and empty or they wont take it
I got my fridge and plugged it in straight away. I'd maybe contact the company who are going to take it away and ask if it needs to be defrosted, if it does you'll have to cook stuff or store it in someone else's freezer until then.
You have to fill it up with Stella. ;-)
Yes the delivery guys taking the old one away they won't want it dripping,defrost 1st.
The manual with the fridge should say how long needs stands for but I thought it was about 12hours but been a while,had my fridge freezer for about 8 years now so can't quite remember.
It maybe some are ready to use upon delivery.
when we got a new one and had old one removed(by comet) it clearly stated on the paperwork that the old one had to be defrosted and water free or they wouldnt uplift it.

as for the gases settling-really depends who you ask about this one-I always believed it was the case but the guy who delivered my mothers new fridge last year said it was a "common myth" but I would always leave it a few hours just in case.
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Before switching on the appliance once it is in place please leave it to stand for at least 24 hours to let the gases settle. Not doing so may cause damage and will void your guarantee.
T.R.E.E. cannot be held liable for any loss of goods due to any fault or failure.
Many thanks fpr the speedy help - looks like I'll be de-frosting :thumbsup:
Still not certain how long to leave it before plugging in - hopefully over night should do it, I am hoping my neighbour will take frozen stuff but don't want dump milk etc on her as well.

Rep added to all...
Rtfm ;-)

Rtfm ;-)

Hmmm, I have now had RTFM explained to me.
If I had the appliance, I would have the manual and I would read it. I don't have the appliance, so I don't have the manual and can't read it. That is why I posted on here.
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