getting a new wii game any recommendtions

im thinking of getting a new game for the wii but i dont really no whats good thats out at the minute,i already have rayman which i love and marvel ultimate alliance(which im not to keen wouldnt want another game same to that)also not a big fan of sports games.

any recommendations on a game with a good bit of playability that i wont get bored of after 20 mins???:thumbsup:


Personally, I love Zelda: Twilight Princess

But I'll just have a quick look at what else is out at the moment.

I'm waiting on Eledees(sp) Elebits is so much easier to spell lol. A friend of mine said its really good as it was released in his country a while back, so he has good taste, I'm trusting him on this one.

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im considering either red steel or super monkey ball but unsure which one will have longer playability???or dunno wether i would be better saving my money and buying wii play with remote as i need another controller (is there any good multi player games out there at mo?)

any1 recommend anything else?

The Godfather is superb!
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