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getting a refund from a seller on Shpock as I didn't receive the item!

Posted 30th Mar 2016Available: National
Hi, just wondered if anyone could share their opinions on where I stand....
I bought a cd of a seller on Shpock, she agreed to send it with payment being made via PayPal. Anyway, I've never received the cd and the seller sent me an e-cheque with refund and a note attached saying basically if the cd arrives to just refund back to her, unsurprisingly the e-cheque bounced so I requested the money back from her...again she never refunded me. She won't answer any messages from me or Shpock team (reported her to them but they're useless,told me to report to police) so I'm unsure where to go from here??? Contact PayPal?? Will PayPal do anything as I bought from Shpock not Ebay???

Any advise would be helpful. Thank you
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