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Hey guys,
I've just moved to London from Australia (ozbargain whut whut) and am trying to get one of these sim plans, but I don't have a bank account yet, a job or a permanent place of residence.

I really want to capitalise on some of the cashbacks on offer but all of the major mobile retailers don't offer payment by credit card.

At the moment I'm with Three on their 30 day month-to-month but it's obviously not very good value.

Is there any way I can sign up to one of these plans without having any of the above? I'm happy to pay the full 12 month instalment (which was available back home) but I can't find this anywhere
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No chance getting a pay monthly without a Bank Account or Place of Residence, only options are to get a friend to do it or Pay as you Go Sim.
giff gaff is one that will give you 30 days contract and you can top up with a credit or debit card, may be an issue though if your card doesnt have a UK address
Yeah good luck my friend. You are better off with pay and go with a bolt on.
Not aware of any UK mobile operator offering a fixed term contract without a credit check, and your circumstances indicate you are not credit-check friendly. You may be able to negotiate a pre-pay arrangement directly with a network, but that would negate the cashback opportunities. It is highly unlikely you can achieve your aim.
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