Getting a Teddy Re-Stuffed

Found 2nd Oct 2008
I'm looking to get my old childhood teddy bear re-stuffed and cleaned up so I can give him to my baby son. Can anyone recommend anywhere? Preferably in the North East, but if thats not possible then I am willing to post it. Also how much does it roughly cost? The bear needs the stitching reinforcing, new stuffing and a good clean.
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awwwww good luck,dont know of anywhere but my poor "bunny" could do with the same,he only has one eye now too lol

just a thought do you have a bear factory nearby? it may be worth asking in there if they could restuff him for you? a dry cleaners may be able to clean him as best they can and a seamstress might be able to stitch him but there must be someone out there who would do it all for you
Try here…htm you can post your bear to them if you cannot take it in person. Good luck with the re-stuffing! :-D
The Bear Factory do all of this - and more - my little sister used to work there, and frequently did this kind of thing for people.....

They will even give it a new heart if you like.....

Cost wise, it wasn't expensive, and you can see it all the way through to the end.....

But, she frequently had people coming in with their teddy to get made better again....

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