Getting a tumble dryer in a rented flat?

Found 17th Dec 2013
I live in a rented flat with a washing machine only and am having to hang my clothes/bedding/towels etc everywhere. Does a cheap dryer exist where I can just plug it in and go or something equally as simple?

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Yes. They don't have to be plumbed in or anything you just need to be able to vent them to the outside as they produce a lot of condensation
Basically yes.
you would have to decide between a condensing or vented tumble dryer and obviously the size of the machine.
condensor dryers are good and dont even need a pipe to vent . just plug and play :-)
If you have an outlet in the flat you could get a VENTED tumble dryer so that the hot air goes outside. If you don't then look for a CONDENSOR dryer (more expensive) which removes the steam and condensation and filters it into an internal tank which you have to empty when full.

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im in a flat and have a beko condenser dryer. Best buy ever 6 years ago. insured through d&g at approx 60quid.
I left friend house sitting and she didnt clean the dust catch section for a month!! but d&g had someone out next morning and it waa fixed.
If you cannot fit a vented dryer (where the hose goes through the wall, although some people just hang them out of the window) then you will need to get a condenser dryer. This means you can put it anywhere and you just have to empty the water compartment when it is full.
Thanks for all the replies!

Had a quick look at condenser ones and can't seem to find one any cheaper than £170.

What about this?
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Thanks for all the replies!Had a quick look at condenser ones and can't … Thanks for all the replies!Had a quick look at condenser ones and can't seem to find one any cheaper than £170.What about this?

It's not a dryer in the sense you are looking for it's just like putting the washer on an extra spin cycle to get the last of the water out before they go into the normal condenser type.


Honest question, have you tried your local 2nd hand electrial store? My local British Heart Foundation store usually does dryers for £50-60 and up. Might be an easier way to get a decent model on the cheap.
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If the condenser Dryers are too expensive see if you can find a cheap vented one and perhaps this

£180 looks gd
Out of stock on first link sorry but second link £189 and it's the one I have I love it
I've got the White Knight one, mummy2girls13 recommended and it's great, Ironically I've had the indesit one that she recommended too and was ok but the heating element packed up after 1.5 years.

The White knight doesn't look as nice but it's better than the indesit and made in the UK, Also has an option to drain to waste, This saves you having to empty the container.

Lakeland sell heated clothes airers and other stuff for drying your clothes. I've not used one but heard they are great- effective and cheap to run. Have a look here


And here is a chat about them on a forum

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I know my indesit element went but amazon cheap for element and partner changed it. My mother has a £3-400 dryer and doesn't dry her clothes as quick as mine does
I bought mine second hand so not complaining lol
Saying that the element went on my mothers took bk off put tumble near radiator few few hour worked again. It's common fault in condensed ones coz the heat and water does remain in the back of it so cuts element out
Ideally looking for something under £100 as my tenancy ends in June and will either ask landlord for a dryer/combined washer dryer or move anyway.

That heated surer from Lakeland looks good but my main gripe at the moment is trying to dry bedding and towels, is the airer the same size as normal ones?
If you want cheaper then it would have to be a smaller one less kg because the links I've posted are same size as a washing machine
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