getting a wifi router to work with Post Office BB, any recomendations ?

    My daughters just signed up with the OP in her new flat for BB, but because she's gone for the cheaper option they've only sent her a standard router (no wifi).

    Anyone know if there's anything odd about the was the PO setup their equipment before I go an buy a wifi router that won't work ? (I use Be and getting a none Be router to work with them was a real struggle that I'd rather not go through again with the PO !!)..


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    She just got sent a modem yeah not a router?

    .....does it plug into phone line through filter (ADSL) or is it a completely seperate cable connection not going anywhere near where her phone plugs in?

    Basically there are two types of wireless routers for homes one for ADSL BB connections and one for Cable BB Connections....go to PC World and they will sort you out... If your after a deal and you know what type of router you need look at places like and stuff...hope this helps.

    Dont get anything less than a G rated router and if her NIC in her computer can support N than may be worth investing in N...
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