Getting BA miles (Executive Club)

    Does anyone know how to get BA miles without actually flying ? I need to bump the points on my card to check out the lounges but am finding it hard as I only fly small distances.



    Not sure, Would be interested to know myself.....

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    just found that I cant use lounges no matter how many points I get. That is just for puchahsing stuff. I need to fly Y, B or H class tickets (return) 5 times to get silver ... GGgggrrrr

    Priority Pass

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    Priority Pass

    ok ... elaborate


    ok ... elaborate, lounge access in most major airports regardless of airline flown or class of service.

    £69 + £15 a visit (probably not worth it as you can usually pay this for entry to eg Servisair)

    £159 including 10 visits

    £259 all visits free

    Think you can even get Quidco and it's available with some bank/credit cards, mine comes with my Amex card.

    Well worth it if you use airports a lot.

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    wow thats expensive ! And its just £8 quidco ... for a £259 all free package its quite a lot for the lounge. but then i suppose it depends on how often you use it. I fly a lot ... would use it twice a week .. I think that might be worth it in the long run ...


    At twice a week even just one way that could potentially be £30 per week if you paid for the lounge so not long to get your £259 back.

    Then you only have to get one long delay at an airport and you are more than happy to have the comfort of a lounge and it's services.

    What airports/airlines you using as some lounges can be a bit on the poor side compared to others?
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