getting best price for a car

    hi I am looking to get a new car and I have a car to trade in. I'm getting a loan so I can buy it outright. has anyone got any pointers to help me get the best price, maybe knock it down a bit. I should get a better deal for buying it upfront shouldn't I? I've seen one at Evans halshaw I'm interested in.
    thanks for any advice


    Depends on the car. I used orange wheels last year when i bought my Golf GTD and saved over £5k!

    try used them for over 10 years everything from a 3 series to the to new r8 spyder great prices across the board u might get more cash for ur trade in if u sell it private just up 2 u

    If you want to get the best price then don't trade in. sell it privately.

    You'd think you would get a better deal paying upfront but at Evans halshaw all their prices are set and you'll have to pay an admin fee and fuel

    tell us more.
    What are you looking to buy and what to sell?

    Is the old car worth much ?

    Buying new you do are best to go to a broker and sell the old one yourself.

    Best deals are for those who take the dealers finance packages. With low interest rates there's plenty of competitive deals on offer, quite a few 0% offers too.

    A few weeks back I sold my 'trade in' car to We Buy Any Car for £300 more than the best trade in price offered. This also allowed me to get a bit more off the replacement car for a cash deal.

    I was surprised by this as I had low expectations of WBAC. The fella there seemed to be saying that there was a bit of a shortage of decent used vehicles.
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