getting car tax?

    i just got myself insured on my car yesterday, so i was wanting to tax it.

    the company i insured it with said i could take a printout to the post office of my insurance document and i will be able to tax it.

    well the post office wouldnt take it, were they right or wrong?

    they said it had to be an original document.

    i got in touch with the insurance company and they said the post office should accept it as its a legal document


    As long as though its a Certificate Of Insurance it will do and also valid MOT certificate!!

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    yep its a certificate of motor insurance, starting from yesterday, ive also got mot etc.

    so they should accept it then.

    the woman in the post office told me its the dvla that wont accept it.

    maybe she didnt want to do any work as i went in ten mins be4 they closed

    no it has to be an original because photocopies can be altered and that is why they are not accepted

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    no it has to be an original because photocopies can be altered and that … no it has to be an original because photocopies can be altered and that is why they are not accepted

    but its not a photocopy, its downloaded from the insurance site and then printed out. its annoying that ive now gotta wait for the documents to come through

    my OH had this when he took car insurance out with swift, who only give you yr policy via the website. he was refused as the first print out wasnt too cracky, yet i went bk 10 mins later and it was accepted. maybe print it off in colour (if not done) and try again or go to another post office.

    do it online.
    they check you mot and insurance electronically so you don't need to produce at all


    Yes, it does HAVE to e an original. It's a lot easier to do it online though, have you tried that?

    I have just done mine with a printout, although the first time i went in with it i told the woman it was a printout, she could not process as it was not valid till 9 the next morning. She told me not to say it was a printout. So i didnt, next day they processed my tax!

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    ok thanks for all the info guys, i tried online but my insurance company havent added me to the motor insurance database yet, takes them upto 7 days. ill try my luck 2moro with a better printout on better paper and i wont say its a printout.

    its just annoying as i wanna be in my car driving about

    just go again tm to either a different post office or a different cashier and do it again.GL

    if its not in the database yet then the post office will have that flagged onscreen for them, they'll pay extra attention to the covernote

    The post office don't have access to the database, I have to tax at the post office as mine is not on the database AT ALL, don't panic I am legal I am a motor trader. If the post offices lose this facility I will have to travel all the way to the local DVLA office, which is not local. On my policy they actualy look for the watermark which appears on large companies insurance docs.

    if you print off a copy its usually exactly the same as the one they send except you have used ur own ink noe theirs lol

    you can tax online too no paperwork needed as they check it against the database!!

    yes you can tax yr car online, but not if you have never had tax for that car, as you need the ref number from the tax reminder form you get sent.

    no you don't you can also use the ref off the V5
    and my local PO does have access to the database, i've taxed cars for a friend in the trade and i've gone to the post office 30 minutes after he's added a car to his company policy and without a covernote i've taxed it in the PO, perhaps smaller POs don't have access but some at least do.
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