getting car tax refund when claiming government scrappage scheme

    hi just wondered if you can still get a refund on your car tax even when you take advantage of this new scheme as i'm getting a new car next week and the salesman said i had to produce the old disc which still has 9 months left to run


    the old disc which still has 9 months left to run

    I'd double check that as they cant demand it has that much tax on, what if you'd only got a 6 mnth tax disc in the first place, would they expect you to tax it again? i know what i mean :-D

    The tax is separate from the scheme. Its the age of the vehicle that qualifies it for the scheme, not the tax.

    There is a form on the HRMC website that you can download and fill in, 1 or 2 pages very basic details. You return the completed form with your tax disc and they will pay you for every full month still remaining on it and send you a cheque.

    perhaps he just needs to see it to show it has been used on-road, show it him and then tell him you are claiming a refund but you may have to decide do you want a refund on the tax or £2000 for scrap?

    Apart from being first registered on or before August 31, 1999, in order to qualify for the £2,000 (minimum) scrappage subsidy, eligible old vehicles destined for the crusher must
    a) be a car or van weighing up to 3,500kg,
    b) have current DVLA registration documents in the name of the customer proposing to buy the brand-new car,
    c) have been registered to that same customer "continuously" for at least 12 months before the order date of the new vehicle,
    d) have a British address on the registration certificate, and
    e) possess a current MoT certificate before the date of order for the brand-new vehicle (although a 14-day period of grace is negotiable).
    Furthermore, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, which represents makers and their dealers, initially stated that in order to qualify for the scrappage scheme such vehicles need to be taxed and insured, too. However, following calls from Telegraph Motoring, the SMMT decided this week that neither insurance nor a current tax disc is needed. If in doubt, check with your dealer.

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    the garage will be rebating it for themselves

    Take it out as you park up and before you go in.
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