Getting Debt Collection Letters = Bad Credit Rating?

Found 12th Sep 2007
I've just got 2 debt collection letters from different companies because of paying bills late etc, and want to know at what stage, this affects my credit rating?

I'm living in a uni house, and its not my fault, my housemates dont pay on time, I'm the one who's getting in trouble because i took the initiative and set all the house utilities up ...

Do they tell you they have entered a negative charge against you, or just do it without telling?
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It depends on the credit agreement and how far the issue goes.
Does the letter state that the bill has been passed to a debt collection agency or that they will pass it if you don't pay up?

How many reminders have you been sent?

If it has not yet been passed on then you should be ok,contact the company and make arrangements to pay the bill off,making sure that you stick to the agreement.

It could be that it is just a scary reminder notice,whatever the situation,doing nothing will not solve the problem.

Good luck:)
Do your housemates pay you and then you pay the bills? This isn't the best way to do things.

Contact the company that you owe money to and explain that it's a shared student house and you're having problems with getting the money from them. They may be able to help you and set up the bills in joint names, so they would all be equally liable.

Your choices are as follows:
1, Tell your house mates that they need to pay you NOW and rely on their morals.
2, If they still don't pay, take out a small claims court order against them to include payment of the bills and any charges you have endured.
3, Wait until they're out then sell all their possesions on eBay to recover the cost.
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