Getting Dial up just for a month ??

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Found 25th Feb 2008
Im having problems getting my sky BB back up and running and will take about 2 weeks as i have moved address
Is there anywhere i can get dial up for just a month so i can acces it at home, oh and i need it on dial up like yestaerday lol
will they give me Dial up straight away or do i have to wait a few days until my line is sorted out.
After a month can i stop being with Tesco?

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and another to compare

appears to be quite a few out there if I've read you correctly saxo ?

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right ok how can i install this on my comp when there is no internet at my home?

For XP on free dial up. (if you look down the left hand side tells you how to configure Vista etc

To begin, click the Windows Start menu, select 'Settings', select
'Dial-up Networking'.

In the window that opens, click on the 'Network and Internet Connections' icon.

On the next screen, choose the 'Create a new connection'. The 'New Connect Wizard' will now open, click 'Next'.

On this screen select 'Connect to the Internet' and click 'next'.

Select 'Set up my connection manually' and click 'next'.

Choose 'Connect using a dial-up modem' and click 'next'.

Type a name for your new ISP Name, such as 'Free Dialup', and click 'next'.

Type in 0845 123 2000 into the 'Telephone Phone number box', and click 'next'.

Choose the 'Anyones use' option, and click 'next'.

On this screen, type in your 'username' (free) and your 'passwords' (dialup). Select the first two check boxs and leave the last one blank. Click 'next'.

Select the tick box to create a shortcut to the desktop and click 'Finish'.


To use your new connection click on the shortcut on your desktop

And for the other it's on the front page too.…php

Dial-up Set-up for Windows XP.

1. Click 'Start' at the bottom left-hand side of your screen.
2. Click 'Control Panel'.
3. Double click on the 'Network Connections' icon.
4. Click 'Create a new connection' and click 'Next'
5. Select 'Connect to the internet' and click 'Next'.
6. Select 'Set up my connection manually' and click 'Next'
7. Select 'Connect using a dial-up modem and click 'Next'.
8. Type 'Freeola Dial-up' into the 'ISP Name' field.
9. Type '08456043090' into the 'Phone number' field.
10. Type 'freeola' as the username and password.
11. Click 'Next' and then 'Finished'.
12. Click 'Connect' and start enjoying Freeola Dial-up!

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i ive just read it, io take it the wireless netgear router wont work then ill have to get a long lead

Try this…asp
it is £8.99 a month 0800 number so it is free and unlimited 24/7, best of all immediate start and 1 month notice, they will set like a direct debit every month unless you ask them to stop.
0871 424 0185
9am-5pm, Mon-Thurs 9am-4pm, Fri
National rate.

all 0845 numbers are charged 4p/minute or 1p/minute off peak unlike 0800 free numbers

Are you sorted Saxo ??
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