Getting fined for a failure to renew my SORN licence??

    Basically in Feb 08 i declared a SORN on my vehicle. Today I get a letter through saying I need to pay an £80 fine for not renewing my SORN! Looking back on the original it did say it would expire in a year but i have had no warning or nothing

    do you think I can appeal?


    I think they dont need to send you a warning

    doubt it.

    your responsibility to deal with it sadly

    Read this might help your case : :thumbsup:…asp

    DVLA tries to ensure that all vehicle keepers receive a reminder form (V11), which enables them to renew the vehicle licence, or declare SORN, if the vehicle is to be kept off-road. These documents must be printed eight weeks in advance of distribution, in order to ensure timely receipt. There is, however, no statutory obligation for the Agency to produce V11s, the full responsibility for ensuring that the vehicle is correctly licenced, or subject to SORN, rests with the keeper.


    Your responsibility - cough up

    'no warning or anything'

    Pay up - roads around here could do with the cash

    This happened to me about 3 years ago, no they do not have to send you a reminder unfortunatly, to can try but i tried eveything and the would not give in.


    I declared a car SORN back in the 90's.
    They haven't asked me to do it again since.
    how long is it valid for?

    SORN is only vaild for 12 months - and then you either have to buy tax or delclare SORN again

    I got a fine of £80.

    I got my car scrapped by a local dealer and the guy never came back for the paperwork, so I couldn't send it off to DVLA, got a letter from them saying I was to pay a fine of £80 or give a reason why I shouldn't pay it.

    My above reason wasn't sufficient and took it on the chin and just paid.

    nope i tried and they were having none of it - pay the fine or else they will charge you more - and make sure you renew it now
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