Getting from Praira da Luz to Lago (in Portugal)

Found 11th Aug 2017
We will be taking a holiday in Praira da Luz next week and I am not hiring a car. Somebody mentioned that there is a train bus that runs from Praira da Luz to Lagos, however, when asking the property owner, they told us that they didn't know there was a train bus. They said that they thought there was a bus though.
There are a couple of local food shops, but I'd like to do a big food shop (staying for 11 days) and there is a Lidl supermarket in Lagos that I'd like to go to. Has anybody stayed in Praira da Luz and caught a bus/train bus/taxi to Lagos? If so, can they give me some more information about the services available (and also a rough idea of the price of a return ticket)? Thank you.
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Not sure if it's up to date prices but

"They are reasonably priced and tips are customary. Praia da Luz to Lagos is around 10€ to the taxi rank"

It's only a 15min drive or 2hr walk so it can't be that expensive but question the locals before getting in and question the taxi driver before starting the journey

"Quanto Lagos" "Quanto Praira da Luz"
Theres a fairly large supermarket in praia da luz called BATISTA (free home delivery too)…htm
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