getting in contact with cd-wow ?? no delivery but says dispatched dec 11th

    Ive just looked and my cd and dvd boxset says it was depatched dec 11th. Ive sent them a email 3 or 4 days ago and nothing back. im tring to ring them but been on the phone to music for 30 minutes, luckily a free phone number. can anybody help ??


    Don't bother trying to contact them. It will come when it comes. But IT WILL COME!

    There was a thread on this earlier. I had stuff dispatched from them on the 10th Dec and part of the order turned up today. I don't know if I'll get the rest tomorrow. The CD's were dispatched from Hong Kong.

    hey won't do anything at all until it's been 21 days since despatch I'm afraid. Same happened to me and I emailed them last week about as it was getting too close for comfort to xmas and they said I had to wait 21 days before they'd look in to it. That would have been this week!! Anyways, it arrived end of last week so I'm relieved at least;-)

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    i hope it arrives soon ....before christmas!! fingers crossed

    i am in australia and have ordered from them on the 19th november and am still waiting its a christmas present and the site said they would be delivered with in 12 days and its been 5 weeks now,
    were any of you from australia.
    i hope i get it
    i have tried to email them and even called a company here in australia whoes number is on the pay pal recipt page.
    havent been able to speak to any one.. i dont think ill be buying from them again

    One of my orders was despatched 02 Dec and arrived yesterday.
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