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Found 31st Oct 2007
This may sound like a strange request, but how do i find out which agent will represent a certain celebrity so i can get in touch with them?

Any ideas would be greatly received:thumbsup:
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Yeah, I fancy Fearne Cotton too!
Can't you just stalk them like everyone else does? :giggle:

Can't you just stalk them like everyone else does? :giggle:

:-D that crossed my mind also!

Why don't you google to see if there are any fansites for this celebrity.It may have details of a fanclub you could contact.

Without knowing what celebrity it is,it's difficult to help.If it is a TV star you could contact them through the channel they work for(ie BBC/ITV etc)...if it is a pop star maybe contact their record label.
Its for work, im not a weirdo

Its Leslie Ash and i she doenst work for the beeb anymore so finding it difficult
It says on the BBC website that she runs clubs in London along with her of these is called Teatro (in Soho).

Maybe you could contact her there.
will try that cheers
Isn't she just classed as a punch bag nowadays.:roll:
Theres a site called which provides contact details for celebs. I think you have to be a member to get anything more than basic information, and I don't know if it costs to join. You can give them a try.

Although if it does cost to join remember to add those to the cost of the eventual restraining order when working out if you really want to
i thought you said celeb?
try through lee chapman aswell.
A 5 minute blast on Google (leslie ash +agent) reveals that (in 2004) at least her agent was Neil Redding [sic] :
Don't know if it's the same Leslie Ash but a quick Spotlight search brought up ]this.

If it is then my googlefu is the greatest. :roll:

Turns out it is as the Qvoice link in the contact details has her listed with a picture. :thumbsup:
Thanks for you help guys, i will try these out
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