Getting internet on my lappy without wifi?

    Ok, long story short, im going to be living in a Travel Lodge for the next month or so, but dont wanna be paying £5 and hour for their wifi.

    Now I have U/L data on my HTC desire so was wondering if its possible to use that on my laptop somehow?

    Or a cheap way of using a dongle or something?

    I'm a bit of a rookie when it comes to this.

    So whats the cheapest way to get net on my lappy?

    Thanks all


    Tesco had the 3g dongle for £19.99 with £10 credit included a few days ago ( not sure if its still on offer ) £10 gives you 1gb allowance for a month but if you use more you get a top up voucher like for a mobile and top up as you need , the dongle basically installs itself when you put it in usb port, very easy to use , hope this helps

    If Travelodge use "the cloud" as there wifi and seeing as you are staying a month, then sign up direct with the cloud. One month contract is £6.99 or PAYG for 1 week is £11.99

    Just found this on the site:

    For those of you who need to stay in touch when you away from home, we now offer WiFi internet access for customers with a wireless-access enabled laptop computer or device*.

    Look for the symbol on the Hotel Information pages.

    This service in association with Spectrum Interactive is now available at all Travelodge hotels in the UK.

    Charges are payable in advance using a credit card and are based on the initial time that you register for the service and log on. The service can then be accessed from any Travelodge hotel for the time permitted as detailed below:

    £5 1 hour
    £10 24 hours
    £20 1 week
    £30 1 month
    If you experience a problem accessing the service please call Spectrum Interactive on 0871 909 9980 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    * Subject to availability and compatibility with customer's equipment. Access to internet services is chargeable and may be subject to change.

    So that's the cloud out of the way.

    Does your laptop have bluetooth? You could tether it to your phone and the laptop would run off the phones bluetooth connection

    Travel Lodge for a month?? Impressive !!

    lol, alan partridge.


    lol, alan partridge.

    that was my first thought too

    hmm edit used to work...?

    but anyway - OP - what network are you on? If it's pretty much anyone other than t-mobile I'd forget tethering unless you're a very light user, or you might set yourself up for a hefty charge. as someone said above, £30 for a month as a one off isn't horrendous...
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