Getting Married Next Week - Keep it to yourself. Its a Secret!

Hi just thought I would share my plans for next week when I finally take the plunge and get married at a romantic Scottish location.
Those attending will be Myself, my fiancee and our 3 children (5, 3 & 1 year old). I know cart before horse but to me the bigger commitment was when we decided to have children.
No family or friends are invited and in fact no famliy are aware of what we are about to do. I hope they take the news well.
Wish us luck.


All the best of luck!! My brother did something similar and our family was happy for him.

You gonna drag witness's off the street???

Wow congratulations and best wishes hope it's a wonderful day, sounds like all the most important people are going to be there, have a wonderful day.

Good luck.

Aw, how romantic. Best of luck, hope everything goes well on the day. Have a lovely time. :-D

(I also hope none of your friends or relatives are on HUKD)!!!!


Best wishes

wow congrats!!

Nice one. Best way.

Throw a party for everyone afterwards. Get everyone legless then make an announcement.
And invite me - I want to see their faces :w00t::-D:shock::p:roll:

That is so wonderfull!
you could always when you come home, throw a little party in your home or something and
break the news then.. people wont feel so upset.

May ALL your troubles be LITTLE ONES!

Congrats & best of luck! Are you going to Gretna Green? Beautiful place.

All the very best. Hope that you and your family have a super day and that it will be special for you all for the rest of your life.:)

My friend got married in a similar way. It was in their local church which they could walk to and it was on her oh's birthday. So they just asked his mum (her parents were dead) to come over dressed smartly for dinner (which her mum presumed was to celebrate her sons b/day) and they then suprised her by walking to the church.

The vicar commented that it was the most intimate ceramony that he had done and thought that it meant a whole lot more that way without all the pomp and expense!

You will make it a day to remember for you and your kids! Enjoy every intimate moment of it.

all the best hope all goes well x x x x

Fantastic idea good luck and post a piccie when you get back

:friends:hope you all have a super day - congrats

Original Poster

Thanky you for all of your best wishes.
I don't want to say exactly where it is or when.
Don't want you all to turn up.
I will post how it all went when I get back.

Looking forward to it though. Forgot to mention that the day we get married is also the 10 year anniversary of the day we met. Winesses will be strangers but my son will look after the rings and be my best man.

In the spirit of Hotukdeals, I did consider throwing a party afterwards and charging everyone £10 entry but the other half told me not to be so tight.
Its in the blood!

WOW that was close!! You've still got a week to re-think!!! Only kidding !!


Lovely idea, i wanted to have a quiet wedding, but my parents wouldn't let me. That was 33 years ago. Have a lovely day and best wishes to you and your family for a happy long and loving marriage.

hope you have a nice time where abouts are you getting married? im getting married there on th 5th july at the anvil hall in gretna, hope you have a nice day and im sure your familly will be suprised but pleased for you :thumbsup:
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