Getting milkshake stains out of carpets?

Posted 19th Sep 2009
HI I wondered if anyone here knows the best way to get a milkstain out of a carpet.

I have just spilt about 500ml of milkshake all over it and didn't even notice at first so it soaked in.

I've read that you have to be careful as milk is organic and some cleaners will cook it into the carpet.
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Soak in lighter fluid, then add a match - the stain will disappear instantly:whistling:

I would have thought that cold water rubbed into the stain would dilute the milk, so if you keep doing it the stain will eventually go.
1001 cleaner,put as it soaked in is your prob, what is ur carpet made from ?
obviously get as much of it up just with a towel or whatever. when it dries i'd use some 1001 carpet spray stuff and then squirt it with some anti-bac fabreez which should kill any left over bacteria from the milk and stop it from smelling
better lock yr door ]http//ww…Jz4

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Nevermind the stain, the smell in a while will be minging.
get a stanley knife cut out the stain ,throw in bin job done
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