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    is there room to negotiate pay? perhaps if the money is better and you can see how it goes and then if you're unhappy you can look for other alternative roles - or you can be honest with the recruiter and maybe they can see if you can give it a trial period and if you're unhappy in the cold calling role you may be able to see if there are alt roles- you may be surprised at how accommodating HR can be. good luck!

    (generally, I would say go with your gut - if you won't be happy, at least on some level, its not worth it. your mental health and social life will suffer and you come first.)

    how big is the company? where do you live, if you don't mind me asking? maybe have a look through the contract and see how you feel - do you think you'd feel this way regardless of whether it was another job?

    if u need a job take it. if you have something to cover the bills pass and wait on the next one... padded your cv and get in and see recruiters they will tell you if your cv is right for the job... some offer classes but they should be free.... its not uncommon for companies to interview for multiple postings at onces so they obviously see something about you that could do the job... they aint in it to not make money...


    If you don't make the targets set what will be the outcome?

    Some companies are ruthless.



    If you don't make the targets set what will be the outcome?Some companies … If you don't make the targets set what will be the outcome?Some companies are ruthless.

    This was going to be my question. Personally I would take it, stick it out for as long as possible and if I hated it leave. At least then you have extra money to tide you over.

    I was employed in a particular role (non sales) (and the only prior sales experience I ever had was at a menswear shop for about 18months) and I was offered a sales job. Extra money yes but extra burden on everything, expected to give extra hours without question, meet targets etc etc. Hated the job and when my old job was re advertised I took it back but kept the same pay. Yes the business relied on it's customer base and sales staff were "the bees knees" of the company (preferential treatment against other employees etc)

    If you hate selling, especially cold calling, it's a difficult argument between money and job satisfaction but for me - if I was given the choice again - I wouldn't take the selling job. Yes money would still be tight but at least I'd still have job satisfaction without having the added stress

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    Why did he ask you about warm calling if you are going to be cold calling?

    If you have no job, take it. Which I assume is the case, else with all your misgivings, I assume you'd already have turned it down if you had a job already?

    If you have reservations before you start you are probably aware it is not for you. Add the vague contract on and then I would look elsewhere. Good luck!

    Will you be selling to businesses or Joe Public?

    I took a sales job years ago, and only took it because I was selling to businesses rather than the public. Cold calling was still a complete drag, but I found people a little more willing to talk to me than the general public would be.

    But like a few others have said, if you have your doubts now then it's probably best that you don't take it.

    if you dont currently have a job, then take it naturally and then search for another job to make you happier. but if you do have a job, doesnt sound like its worth leaving for another job to make you unhappy even if it is a bit more money.
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