Getting old and im needing a..............

    No not an incontanence pad lol

    Im needing a guid pair o' slippers, a nice warm pair, ones that dont look like old fogeys slippers, maybe mokasins etc.

    Any ideas would be extremely great or links :thumbsup:

    I dont need the pipe yet just the slippers !!!


    I've got a pair of leather clarks halfover sandleish type things, 4years old, i treat them like **** but they still look brand new, they cost £40, but worth every penny considering how durable they are and how often I see other peoples soft ones fall apart so easily

    Here's an idea:

    There are a few good codes floating round for John Lewis at the minute, such as the £15 off £75 code. What about going for a nice pair from there, and making the order up with other things you might need for Christmas gifts?


    Ted Baker Couch Slippers, Brown - £35

    Original Poster

    Some good ideas there, there not bad emma they ted baker ones..... hehe the lass wont be embarresed with me wearing them lol
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