getting out of 12 month broadband contracts, how easy?

    i switched to virgin the £10 a month deal upto 8mb, my limit is 7mb approx. but speeds have varied from 200kpbs upto a max of arouns 1,4mb. this is beyond, have contacted them and said i cant play my 360 online as too slow and sometimes cant surf as 2 slow, have done speed tests at bt they suggested, keep sayin try techicnal yet they as much use as chocolate teapot, they blame everything on my side, yet i know everthing is fine my end, and sod payin 25p a min so some snotty nosed kid reads from a script and still cant sort it out.

    will ofcom help at all?


    ofcom won't help, guarantee that their terms and conditions have everything covered. i've heard nothing but bad things about virgin, 200kpbs is still UP TO 7mb. plus i'm sure they have a clause like every other broadband provider that instead of promising to provide you with a service they have promised to try their best to provide you with one.
    You're either gonna have to buy out of the contract or bear with it i'm afraid.

    OFCOM won't help until you have exhausted Virgin's complaints procedure.

    Have you started an official complaint, or have you just moaned to the call centre monkeys?

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    cheers guys, ihave started complaints procedure, have had 2 replies now

    this was 2days:

    Dear Andrew,Thanks for your email.I'm sorry to hear that you are … Dear Andrew,Thanks for your email.I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing slow connections, with the Virgin Media Broadband service.In order to diagnose the problem you have mentioned you need to carry out BT speed test, please follow the step given below:Connect to the Internet using the following connection details (these should replace your Virgin Media Broadband login details)Username: [email protected]_domain Please ensure that you leave the Password field blank.Once you are connected to the Internet using these details, please go to the following web address: new page will open up requesting you for your phone number. Please enter the phone number on which your Broadband service is supplied. I would like to inform you that you have to perform several speed tests during different times of the day.Once you have done this, please contact us on our technical support at 0906 217 0001, where we will be able to check the results of this test and if necessary escalate this to our Faults department. Please note that we can not escalate the issue to BT via email so you need to contact our Technical Support Department.

    which my reply was:
    i have done several speedtests and have screen shots to prove(attacthed), i have sent all of them, your technically support is a joke and they keep saying same thing, it doesnt solve my prob and costs me 25p

    attached are last 4 days speedtests, if your support wants to caontact me then fair enough, as i dont see why i shud pay 25p min for them not to solve my problem, and try and brush me off with excuses, which has done on few occasions. excuses from broadbamd needs time to settle, or my router is to blame,noise on line,cables, have had all known excuses i think.
    your techinally support reads from scripts, and as said in earlier emails they have to go off and ask someone else all the time leaving me hanging online payin 25p min, i wouldnt mind if they came back with an answer but they never do.

    many thx

    :giggle: :giggle:

    Mr A Barker

    If you call again, try 0845 0450001

    I have up to 2 mbit connection with VM.

    I get 1.9MB and 221kb downloads

    99p a month :giggle:! cant argue really

    Welsh Andy - have you checked your internal wiring?

    Do a google search for 'ADSL' and 'Removing ring wire'

    and see what you find - when i was on Virgin (eurgh!) I managed to increase my line speed from approx 1 meg up to approx 5 meg - although your sync speed increases you will then probably need to contact Bt Wholesale to tweak your Bras profile too.

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    was with nildram before and never had a prob and with pipex before that and they were fine, so cant understand y im having probs, everything is all fine my end, never had prov with any isp's, only since i joined virgin
    yesterdays speed,lol

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    :giggle: is it me or since i complained my speed has gone up, just done speed test on bt site as told and now have over 3mb for peak time aint 2 bad really, well wud be ahppy at that if it stays like that, so gona keep eye on it everyday to see if its a blip cause i complained

    From looking at your stats there is nothing wrong with your internal wiring, i'd say it IS down to contention at the exchange or possibly a faulty Dslam - either way it IS virgin's fault.

    Im with Virgin and the speeds are up and down all the time. Slower than Plusnet who I used before, but im only paying £9.99 a month too.

    are they throttling you? whats your usage generally like?

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    my usage i not excessive, do a bit of downloading via emule, but not that much, probs maybe 20gb so far this month, so would say on average 40gb
    hope they not throttling me, although wouldnt they tell me if they were, 2 save wasting time emailing and tech support

    Although this morning test was rather shocking 6579kbps:giggle: :giggle:
    they up and down more times than a casanova:giggle: :giggle:
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