Getting out of O2 contract?

    Is this possible at all. Apperantly I upgraded in July 08 to another 18 month contract therefore not running out till March 2010.

    The phone that I upgraded for is mashed and now my nokia 5800 won't text

    Is there any way I can get out of my contract.....desprete:(



    in a word - no

    not unless you pay your contract up in full

    can Nokia or O2 not fix your 5800 under warranty as they are not that old

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    Got the Nokia unlocked. Will this affect the warrenty?


    not sure - but shouldnt think so

    plenty networks supply them unlocked anyway

    did you get it from )2 direct or did you buy it from seomeone else?

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    Mum got it for me....

    totally gutted.

    How do I get Nokia to fix it?

    find a nokia service centre, carphone warehouse most likely, but you can check nokia website and also send in post direct to nokia


    If you PM me the area you live in, i'll tell you the best Nokia service centre to send your phone to, as long as their is no phisical damage this will be fixed free, a lot of people don't realise if you deal with a service centre direct you will get a better job done, nornally they will send you a prepaid envelope too...

    Always obtain a Certificate of posting or send Recorded with this though... As for a 5800 worth £180 i'd actually add the fiver to this and send Special D ;-)



    BTW Another thing people dont realise either your 5800 has a 24 month warranty ;-)

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    Thanks to everyone for the advice.

    I will PM you maxmix...thanks :-)


    If you can compare Terms and Conditions I know in late 2008 they changed their data charging T&Cs to stop you using the phone as a modem on your laptop or for P2P use. I've got a copy of the old T&Cs but obviously not going to get it now to quote for you, hopefully you kept yours too. If you used the phone on your laptop you can terminate the contract early. This has affected me but I'm on a rolling 30 day contract.

    They changed the T&Cs so they could force you to buy a USB modem for your laptop, ******s!
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