Getting out of TalkTalk Contract...

    Family has decided we want Virgin thought it best to get a bundle with internet and phone aswell.

    We are currently with TalkTalk and only 6 months through the 18 month contract.

    Is there anyway of getting out of this? Anyone done this in the past?

    Any help appreciated


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    Yes pay the remaining 12 … Yes pay the remaining 12 months if this is still possible

    Cheers, will have a read


    you normally have to give them your first born son

    I moved house and had to pay them £90 to cancel my remaining contract

    First q I asked before signing up - yup £90 sounds right.

    my talk talk is so dam slow and keeps going off all the time , I have asked for help with this problem but they say its ok. its not ok sick of getting thrown off my facebook page, ????? what can I do, ?????
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