Getting Sky Go working adequately with a bedroom TV (advice / device required)...

Posted 4th Feb 2021
Bit of advice sought, we live in a very old property with thick stone walls and the WIFI signal in our bedroom is problematic e.g. strangely iPhones and laptops pick up the signal no bother (3 or 4 constant bars) but Amazon, Roku and NOW TV sticks just don't work very well at all - whether they are just not powerful enough I'm not sure.

My wife basically wants our Sky channels on the bedroom TV if at all possible, but I'd rather not pay for multiroom or any of these NOW TV type subs as obviously already paying for Sky and we have Sky Go that so far isn't being utilised.

Can anyone recommend a device or set up (we have a LAN that can be rewired into there quite easily from my home office) for using Sky Go that is going to be easy to use? I / we don't want to resort to laptops and what not if possibe.
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