Getting Sky Multiroom, worth it?

Found 5th Jul 2008
Its just that Im in a shared house and so otherwise it will mean just watching it in my room all the time, and it will be good if I have friends or family around to watch it in living room but its the £10 a month charge plus expensive for another box.

I do have a wireless sender so is that best way?
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I may be wrong, but with a wireless sender cant that only "send" the same program to another room?

I have Sky multiroom and the great thing about it is that you can watch different programs on the two boxes.

You mention the £10 a month for another box. You are not really paying the £10 for the box but for the second Sky card.

Both our Sky boxes are Sky+ boxes, and this means while my wife and children can record what THEY want on one Sky box, I can record what I want on the other Sky box.

If you have not got Sky+ then you should consider it as it is one of the best recent "inventions" and almost everyone who has it says how good it is.
I have three Sky Boxes in my house. I have the Sky Plus box in my room, my parents have a Sky Box in the living room and my brother has a Sky Box in his room. We would have liked to all have Sky Plus boxes but it is just too expensive to do it that way.

I had to pay £49 for my Sky Plus Box, got one Sky Box free and then had to pay £49 for another Sky Box. Its then £10 a month for the extra Sky Box.
I live in a shared house to and we discussed something similar but decided that we would put the money into uber broadband [20mb/s] (assuming you can get it) and just have decent wireless around as you can stream almost evreything these days. Since we have done it, we all agree its far better than having a TV License and far far cheaper!
I use a digi sender which I got from Argos about two years ago, I paid over £100 then but they are now down to about £70. It works perfectly with sky+ but as mentioned you cannot watch different programs in other rooms but with the digi sender you can change channels etc so it may be worth checking out.
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